Young Alumni Advisory Board

The Young Alumni Advisory Board is a group of Loras College alumni leaders from various regions in the United States who graduated within the past 10 years. The Young Alumni Advisory Board members advise the Alumni Office on young alumni interests and perspectives, share ways that young alumni would like to be engaged, advocate for young alumni needs, serve as a bridge between the Alumni Office and other alumni, take initiative in planning and attending alumni events, and ultimately help foster and sustain the active involvement of young alumni in the support of Loras College through recruitment, development and engagement. Established in the fall of 2010.


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How often does the Young Alumni Advisory Board meet?

The Young Alumni Advisory Board meets eight times a year via Zoom with one on campus meeting during Homecoming. 

What are the responsibilities of a Young Alumni Advisory Board member?

• Plan/organize DuBrew and Duhawk Day
• Engage and invite young alumni to attend and be a part of Loras College Alumni events
• Promote Distinguished Young Alumni award and encourage alumni to nominate fellow young alumni
• Increase the giving percentage of young alumni to the Loras Fund
• Work together with board in the area so that there is not a gap between Young Alumni Advisory Board and the Loras Networks

How does the Alumni Office collaborate with the Young Alumni Advisory Board?

The Loras College Alumni Office is here to help in planning, organizing, and communicating events, but it is necessary to have a core group of strong young alumni leaders to take the initiative and plan/organize events. The Alumni Office will send you Loras spirit gear to decorate tables and the door prize sign-up slips, etc. Please let the Alumni Office know if you're planning an event at least 1-2 months before the event.

Meet the board Members 

Molly Devine | President
Class Year: 2013
Major: Media Studies | Art & Digital Design
Favorite Event: Duhawk Day

What advice do you have for fellow GOLD alumni?

Probably my biggest piece of advice for future gold alumni is to remember you are part of a community that has spanned states and countries. Utilize the resources this connection brings. I am always surprised by the amount of people I run into who know about Loras College and have some connection. Never be afraid to reach out to a Duhawk whether you know them or not. Maybe they won’t respond, but what if they do and that connection gets you your dream job?





Ty Wittman  | Philanthropy Chair
Class Year: 2015
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Event: DuBrew

Why is it important for Young Alumni to give back to Loras financially?

Unfortunately, it is no small task for high education, like Loras, to find the funding for everything that is important to the student experience. We are face with choices every day to allow one experience over another due to lack of funding. Any amount given helps us lessen the 'no' responses and increase the 'yes'. We have many ideas and ways to grow Loras, and any participation is greatly appreciated.  



Allison Wong | Engagement Chair
Class Year: 2017
Major: Media Studies
Favorite Event: Homecoming

Why do you think it’s important that GOLD alumni are involved with Loras?  
I think it's important for GOLD alumni to be involved with Loras because we have valuable experiences and insights to share. We remember what it's like to be in college and the transition from college into the workforce. That's valuable knowledge we can share with students! 

Amanda (McWhinney) Skovronski
Class Year: 2014
Major: Marketing | Public Relations
Favorite Event: Homecoming Tailgate

Who had the most impact on your life at Loras and why?

My advisor Dr. Mary Carol Harris is someone who I still think of often even after approaching 8 years post-graduation. She held students to such high expectations and made us think of the smallest details that would make a difference in a presentation, interview or career setting. While being a strong and firm professor, she has the best sense of humor and I always enjoyed my office hours and meetings with her. She was the reason I ultimately decided on Public Relations & Marketing as my majors! 

Andrew Grossklaus
Class Year: 2019
ajor: Public Relations
Favorite Event: Cubby Bear

What is your favorite Loras event as an Alumni and why?

The Cubby Bear Social 2021 was memorable. I am from/currently live in the Chicagoland area. You forget just how many Duhawks choose to work and live around here after graduation. The Loras Network of Chicago is certainly very strong and it was fun to gather so close to home. I am hoping for more Chicagoland events soon! 

Brendan Marshall
Class Year: 2020
ajor: Public Relations
Favorite Event: Homecoming & Cubby Bear

What’s your favorite thing about Loras?


The community, hands down. You can travel near and far and always run into a Duhawk who will put a smile on your face because of the bond we have and the legacy we continue. I also am lucky to have Duhawk’s in my life everyday as parents, friends, and colleagues. We all have memories of our times in Dubuque, but also remember the legacy we live on.


Sarah (Link) Little
Class Year: 2014

Major: Marketing & Sociology
Favorite Event: Homecoming

What are you hoping to accomplish as a board member?


By sharing my passion and experiences as a Duhawk, I hope to inspire others to get involved, to engage with alum and share our stories, and to highlight what Loras means to both the local and global community to inspire future students.