Alumni Relations Vision Initiative

September 2010



"One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade."
– Chinese Proverb

Planting trees is exactly what the Loras College Alumni Office is working on. In preparing for the future we are looking at our historical foundation and mission to help propel us forward. It is also critical that we understand and recognize trends and patterns in Alumni Relations so that we can outline a vision and prepare a strategic plan.



Loras College was established in 1839. The motto, Pro Deo et Patria, for God and Country, aptly represents how our alumni and graduates are challenged to leave Loras with a responsibility not only to themselves, but also to their community and their world. Over the years, Alumni programming has primarily focused on events and activities and has been heavily staff driven. There are a number of Loras alumni Clubs established across the country, but the most active are located in the Midwest region. In 1985, the National Alumni Board was established to represent our alumni base. This group continues to meet and has created the Distinguished Alumni Award to recognize those individuals who are making a difference. Most recently, the National Alumni Board has established an annual scholarship fund that supports four students in the amount of $10,000 collectively.


While at Loras, students are exposed to a Catholic liberal arts environment that creates a community of active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers and responsible contributors. These dispositions are then lived out in our alumni as they continue to learn, reflect upon, and incorporate their faith and education into their personal and professional lives. Alumni Relations bridges this transition from campus to community member, challenging alumni to actively learn about the current state of the College and its future goals, giving alumni opportunities to network, work together, and remain connected to the Loras campus community and to each other.

 “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.” 
–Peter F. Drucker, New York University Professor



Here is what research is telling us about alumni today: they are time-poor and are interested in communicating and participating on their own terms. In addition, they no longer feel the strong bond to their respective class year.


A Bright Future for Loras Alumni

The future of Alumni Relations at Loras College will be filled with promising new programs, expanded methods of communication and enhanced engagement opportunities.  Dream big and add your vision to the list:

•Alumni will be actively involved in the design and delivery of events and programs that support the mission and vision of Loras College, creating a stronger connection of our Duhawk community.
•Communication will invite, inform and engage graduates and alumni through expanded social medias, electronic devices and the web., allowing ease of access and tailored messaging.
•Networks of alumni and graduates will be organized across the country building on shared interests in service projects, career experiences and mentoring.
•Loras students and alumni will unite in sustaining and living out our mission.
•Partnerships will be established between the campus community and alumni/graduates in recruitment and philanthropic efforts.
•Assessment and research will aid in creating programming, communication and engagement opportunities with alumni and friends of Loras.

We Need Your Involvement!

Combined with assessment and research, communication, volunteerism and strategic programming will need to be a priority to help advance the efforts of Loras and the Office of Alumni Relations and build on some of the recent successes that have been initiated. Involvement by Alumni and the campus community will be critical in advancing this plan.

As Loras alumni leaders, your input, ideas and help are needed to structure and implement a successful strategic plan for the Office of Alumni Relations.  You are experts in the area as graduates of Loras College.  We welcome your thoughts and insight and thank you for representing Loras College in your community.  

Let's Bring Loras Alumni to the Next Level!


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