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In 1988, the National Alumni Board was created.  This group was formed to represent alumni and graduates from across the country.  Learn more about what your fellow Duhawks are doing, how they are impacting students and what role you can play, by scrolling through this page.


National Alumni Board Scholarship Recipients

Myah Ramirez '19
Olivia Flynn '20 Kegan Huntley '21
Georgia Walter '22

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Meet the National Alumni Board Members


President - Wendy Schrunk
Class Year: 2007
Major: Finance and Economics

How did Loras prepare you for life after college?

The faculty, staff and students I interacted with and got to know through my time at Loras have shaped the way I think, act and live. The people I met and the relationships I formed during my four years on campus helped me define what's important in life and helped me discover my strengths.   


Vice President - Vince Mazza
Class Year: 1991
Major:  Marketing and Management 


How did Loras prepare you for life after college?

Loras allowed me to make important mistakes in a safe environment. The key was learning from those mistakes. Many of the classes and simulations we as students participated in were based on situations that really do happen in the work world. While academically Loras taught me much of the same content that most other business graduates learned from their schools, the liberal arts side and working with other students in teams provided more of an appreciation for diversity and how to get things done with and through others. Hard work, maintaining and open mind and accountability were stressed then and learning those skills early have been tremendously helpful after college.


Secretary -  Seamus Ahern
Class Year: 2004
ajor: Criminal Justice

What was most memorable about your time at Loras?

One compelling experience was being on Campus the morning of 9/11. I recall coming back to Byrne Oaks after early football films and my roommates were all huddled around the television watching the first reports come in after the attacks on NYC and the Pentagon. I knew immediately our country would be changed forever. I recall attending the Rock Bowl that evening for a memorial service and was in awe at how many students and faculty attended the service to remember our fallen Americans. I was also struck how close our Loras College family really is and that is something that I will always remember and has always remained with me. 



Treasurer -  Michael Otto
Class Year: 1994
Major: History and Speech Communication

How did Loras prepare you for life after college?

By challenging me to think and articulate why I think that way. This was not only done by my professors, but roommates and friends as well. It changed how I looked at the world around me. By seeing that there is more than one correct answer (but some answers better address the question than others) and that most everyone means well with their answer. I learned to listen and hear what people are saying and evaluate their statements based on my knowledge and beliefs. This has greatly helped in me by everyday interactions with my clients and colleagues and has been a part of my professional successes.  



Robin (Fetter) Brown
Class Year: 1982
ajor: Biology



Bill Burns
Class Year: 1962

What advice would I give a current or prospective student?

I usually don’t give advice unless asked. However, if this be that case, I would encourage any student to fill your Loras plate with as many opportunities as possible, be they academic, service, athletic, spiritual. I would also recommend trying something totally new and different to expand your knowledge and experience base. And, don’t be in too big a hurry to make your career decision. Of course, you will have a focus defined and ultimately a post Loras initial career as your beginning. But remember, most likely you will change your career focus a number of times, so use your Loras experience to check off as many items on your college bucket list as possible. I’m reminded when I return to campus how unique and special the college experience was and still is. It will always remain a singular highpoint in my life, and it should be yours as well.


Janelle Domeyer
Class Year: 2005
Major: Politics

How did Loras prepare you for life after college?

Being involved in so many extracurricular activities was probably the greatest preparation for life after college. I was the director of LCTV News from my sophomore year through senior year. I helped lead retreats and service trips through Campus Ministry. I was a Resident Assistant for two years and led Summer Orientation and Fall Welcome Days. Getting the change to have so many different responsibilities gave me confidence to enter the workplace and take on leadership roles in my career. Academic work is important, but even in the classroom having the opportunity to collaborate with classmates and managing those interpersonal dynamics is great preparation for what you will encounter in your future profession. 


Alejandra Ruales Doyle
Class Year: 2012
Major: Economics

Which faculty or staff person influenced you most and why?

I had many great professors, mentors, and members of the community who supported me during my time at Loras. However, Dr. Laddie Sula (economics professor) was the person who had the biggest influence impact on me. I remember Dr. Sula always gave me good summer reading recommendations and went above and beyond his lectures. I remember one of the biggest lessons I learned from him was to always surround yourself with knowledge and to be grateful for the opportunity to have access to the knowledge there was all around Loras. He said that constantly to me and it has pushed me to surround myself with people that I can always learn from. I consider Dr. Sula a great mentor and a friend!


Tara (Kilburg) Feller

Class Year: 2011
Major: Biochemistry


How did Loras prepare you for your career?


I can’t express enough the value of a liberal arts education and becoming a well-rounded individual. As an Operations Manager for Adult Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital I interact daily with patients one minute and world renowned surgeons the next. Being able to think critically, be an active learner and be willing to learn and grow every day is something I learned at Loras.  You think you go to school to learn the facts about a subject, and you do, but it’s also to learn from and about others that is equally important.



Jeff Heitzman
Class Year: 1975

Major: Mathematics

What advice would you give to current or prospective students? 

Get a balanced education at Loras. For example if you major in a STEM discipline, then minor in one of the humanities or vice versa. This plus a graduate degree later on will have you prepared for the world ahead.


Chad Kunkel 
Class Year: 1998
Major: Marketing

Which staff or faculty person influenced you most?

I was instantly attracted to the Marketing Club and went on a number of trips with this group; there were two faculty members, Pat Marzofka and Gene Steidinger who not only kept me engaged but so many other students. I can remember Marzofka and Steidinger walking into the classroom and saying “today is going to be a good day, because we’re going to talk about marketing!” I loved their passion and dedication and it was contagious. This small classroom environment combined with dedicated faculty and staff are what sets Loras apart from anywhere else.  


Jane (Lyons) Mueller
Class Year: 1987
Major: Management/Marketing

What advice would you have for students today?

Keep an open mind, you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do, immerse yourself in the full experience, whether it be academics, arts, athletics; take advantage of student experiences outside the classroom, this will make you a well-rounded individual. Receiving a Liberal Arts education at Loras exposes you to an array of topics and subjects so no matter what career path you want to pursue, you develop a broad base of knowledge that can serve as building blocks as you grow into your career.  Always stretch outside your comfort zone, you just might surprise yourself! 


Rob Murray
Class Year: 2001
Major: Engineering


Derrick Nix
Class Year: 1994
Major: Speech Communication/Media Studies and Elementary Education

How did Loras prepare you for life after college?

Everyone I encountered as a student seemed genuinely interested in making sure I succeeded. From the staff and faculty to the coaches, they encouraged and challenged me to do more than I ever dreamed possible. Loras prepared me for real life events in an ever changing environment. The relationships that I developed continue to this day and these friends and mentors continue to have an impact on me. I value the education and life preparation I received at Loras!

Pat Noonan
Class Year: 1976
Major: Philosophy

John O'Brien
Class Year: 1984
Major: Business 

How did Loras prepare you for life after college? 

The list is long, but I would have to say the most important life lesson was perseverance and don’t give up attitude. When you surround yourself with good people that genuinely care about you, it is hard to fail at anything. School did not come easy to me and I had to work harder than the average student to get a good grade. I really did learn that by working hard, listening to wise people (teachers, counselors, faculty), sticking to it and believing in myself things would eventually pay off. They did at Loras and they have in life. I am very thankful for my experiences at Loras.


Thomas P. O'Brien

Class Year: 1982 
Major: English 

What advice would you give to current or prospective students?

Make the most of it. Your classes, friends you make, excellent professors, the extracurricular programs, intramural games, the Catholic foundation – all provide an excellent atmosphere to help you learn and grow. Go to class, study hard, play, enjoy the people – students and faculty – and have fun!


Lauren (Squires) Ready
Class Year: 2008
Major: Media Studies

Katie (Bellendier) Schons

Class Year: 2006

Majors: Media Studies and Public Relations

How did Loras prepare you for life after college?

Loras taught me how to go above and beyond and branch out of my comfort zone. Being involved in LCTV, I not only learned about myself but about the surrounding community through conducting interviews for news stories. By being involved in this and many other activities and organizations I learned how to network with many diverse groups. 


Peter L. Streit
Class Year: 1977

Major: Mathematics

What did you enjoy most about your Loras experience?

The small student faculty ratio. My professors knew who I was and held me accountable. Loras and the dedicated staff and faculty members prepared me well for the various roles I have held over my career and t
he people I met during my four years at Loras, have become life long friends!   




National Alumni Board History

The National Alumni Board was formed in 1989 under the direction of the Office of Alumni Relations. The board serves to develop and promote support of alumni and friends to strengthen the College. Through a variety of programs, events, and communications the board strives to create an atmosphere, which encourages lifelong friendships while simultaneously serving the alumni and the College.

The board is comprised of up to 25 members representing decades, gender, and geographic area of the alumni constituency. Members are elected to an initial term of four years, and can be reelected for a second four year term. The full board meets twice a year with the executive committee holding conference calls monthly. Each member supports and is engaged with recruitment philanthropy and internships.

Programs sponsored by the National Alumni Board include distinguished alumni awards and affinity card. The board has made pledges up to $60,000 for various projects and activities on campus and currently funds 4 scholarships that are given to four students each receiving $4,000. All monies generated by National Alumni Board support the College in some form.

Would you like to nominate someone to serve on the National Alumni Board?

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