Prayer seeking the intercession of St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Loras College:

To you, O blessed Joseph, we have recourse, and with hearts filled with confidence, earnestly ask you to take us under your protection. We humbly pray that you will look with gracious eye upon that inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased with His blood and support our need by your power and strength. Defend, most watchful guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ. Shield us under your patronage that, imitating your example, and strengthened by your help, we may live a holy life, die a happy death and attain to everlasting happiness in Heaven. Amen.

In addition to the book of prayers in Christ the King Loras College has created an email prayer chain. Share yours with us, by answering the questions below and hit submit. Thanks for your interest and prayers. 


Prayer Requests


March 2023

  • Fr. Bob Koopman
  • In memory of Ed Krolak '54
  • My friend, Dan, who is battling cancer
  • My daughter-in-law who is expecting, that she and her baby are healthy
  • Jayden Upton
  • Arlene and Fran
  • Terry Gross
  • Bob Borelli
  • Chris Z.
  • Dylan
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • All those affected by natural disasters, especially those in Turkey and Syria - we especially life up the people of Antakya (Antioch) where most of the city was destroyed.
  • Jeannie P.
  • Mary S.
  • Shirley - as she continues to successfully recover from surgery
  • CJ
  • Veronica
  • Katie
  • Sophia
  • Bethanee
  • My cousin, Cori
  • My brother

February 2023

  • Revival in our nation among the old and young so that God will help this nation from its struggles
  • My father-in-law, Bob, who is having surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his liver on Wednesday, 2/15 at Mayo Clinic. Prayers that his heart can undergo the surgery and for the medical staff caring for him. Please also give strength and peace to his wife, Judy, and his kids including my husband, Ted. 
  • My friend, Dan, who is battling cancer
  • My daughter-in-law who is expecting, that she and her baby are healthy
  • Jayden Upton
  • Chadu Bhai
  • Tania's Mom
  • Terry Gross
  • Katie
  • Bob Borelli
  • Veronica
  • Michigan State University
  • Sophia
  • Chris Thompson as he mourns the loss of his Dad
  • Chris Z.
  • Dylan
  • Meaningful Lent
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Reagan Spence
  • Dr. T
  • Uncertain hearts
  • Expecting men and women as they discern next steps 
  • Turkey & Syria
  • Greece & Hungary
  • The female heart
  • Livy Lansing
  • All those struggling with mental and/or physical health
  • Unity and Charity

January 2023

  • Kay Sloan
  • For Dylan and his mental health
  • Dr. Thraen-Borowski
  • Unborn children, may they be healthy as they grow and come into the world
  • My friend Dan who is battling cancer.
  • All those traveling: for work, college and for vacations. May their travels be safe and fruitful. 
  • Those attending the SEEK Conference 
  • Stacey B. and her continued healing
  • Donna H. and her continued healing
  • Nichole Reicher, may she rest in peace. Pray for her young children, husband and family.
  • Those struggling with mental and health issues and their caretakers. 
  • My father-in-law and strength for dealing with his recent diagnosis. 
  • Young people who mourn the loss of a relationship.
  • Shirley H., that she recovers successfully from surgery and returns to a good quality of life. 
  • Mary S. and her family.
  • Jeannie P. and her family. 
  • Parents, friends, and family.
  • In gratitude for the prayers—our home sold!
  • Mary S. and her family
  • Shirley H. that she makes a full recovery from surgery
  • Jeannie P. and her family
  • Guidance
  • Emma
  • Audra
  • Sara
  • Joan
  • Abby
  • Chloe
  • Liz
  • Exodus 90 members
  • All members of the Loras community who are struggling with physical, spiritual, or mental illness
  • A joy and growth filled second semester
  • All those who have lost loved ones in recent weeks
  • In gratitude for the safe return of the TREC trip 

In Memory

Edwin A. Whitfield '60

Robert James Short '64

Shirley A. Melloy

Diane M. Lynch 

Alois J. Rudolph '37


Ruth M. Boll

Stephen G. Hintermeister

Delores M. Wagner

John F. Lansing

Roger A. Spangler '68

Scott D. Florez '89

Patricia A. Kelly

Sr. Marie Therese Kalb

Joseph B. Leiser '50

Helen T. Denlinger

John A. Bogen

Joanne Brown

William J. Wagner '75

Paul J. Lane '59

Alvin J. Goerdt

Donald L. Kahle '62

James E. Giesen

Eldon E. Trumm

Allen E. Kilburg

Austin J. Gaul

John T. Frick

Dennis L. Swenson '62

Thomas Hoffman

Wilmer L Atkinson '68

Mary Ann Klein

Jeanette R. Hess

Msgr. Walter L. Brunkan '52

Robert A. Van Vors '92

David J. Forkenbrock '68

Dennis F. Huinker

Jay F. Hantelman '81

Helen C. Wenthold

John T. Donovan '64

Eldon A. Biver

Robert G. O'Connell '50

Willis P. Rauen '50

Leon P. Manternach '50

Martin J. Lampe '74

James P. McCrea

William N. Koster '63

Thomas D. Burkart '64

Margaret M. Konrardy

Susan J. Ahern

Judith Kaiser

Patricia A. Nauman

Francis M. Miller '55

Theresa A. LoBianco

Dolores M. Owsley

Henry J. Westhoff '64

David G. Felderman

Sharon J. Killian

Maureen Menster

Jamison C. Kuhle '10

Daniel A. Lydon '60

Vincent L. O'Connor '77

Roy E. White '61

Norma J. Swift '98

Eric J. Gavin '75

Thomas P. Coffey '75

William H. Frommelt

Francis G. Spielbauer '60

Edward V. John '55

Barbara A. Knepper

Ann D. Foust

Brian C. Sullivan

Frank D. Jambois '60

Henry J. Ehrlich

John C. Schlicksup '69

John J. Meehan '66

Richard A. Selander '51

Dianne Holmes 

Anthony J. Burbach

Genevieve V. Hartmann

Bruce M. Koll '58

Patricia L. Hogan

Joyce A. Brittain

James H. Wand '73

Robert H. Wahlert '61

Daniel Burrows

Eugene W. Van Reeth '51

Michael T. Seyer 

Richard D. Devaney

Henry D. Kivlahan '59

Francis J. Runde

Michael J. Dillon

Rev. John C. Paisley '57

Paul R. Conlon

Virginia M. Lammer

Patrick I. Malone

Curtis J Behnke '70

Patricia A. Broessel

John H. Eckenroad '65

Susan J. Thome '76

Nancy J. Chapman

Rev. Frederick C. Fangmann '59

Richard J. Unterberger '52

Thomas J. Healey

Mildred R. Grommes

Christopher P. Goedken

Danielle L. Connell '18

Karl J. Millius '61

Richard L. Barclift '61

Delroy J. Palmer

William D. Burbach '71

Bernard T. Gillis '52

Jacqueline Cashman

Donald M. Shegrud

Rosemary E. Schulting

Wanda J. Burbach