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Matt ('05) and Lisa Jones, a daughter, 2020 Brandon ('08) and Nicole Bauer, a daughter, 2020 Christopher Feller ('15) and Ann Ranniger, a son, 2020
Connor ('16) and Megan Golden,
a son, 2020
Kevin ('13) and Stephanie Meyers,
a son, 2020
Justin ('10) and Jessalyn Bader,
a daughter, 2020
Brian Feldott ('03) and Cassandra Grassel, a son, 2020
Alex ('11) and Nicole Ressler, a son, 2020 Shelley Shaw ('96) and Kiego Yamazaki, a daughter, 2020 Jill Kruse-Domeyer ('05) and Brian Domeyer, a son, 2020
Scott ('10) and Maria (Kalb '13) Schemmel, a daughter, 2020    
Kelly (Mostek '08) and Colton Otto,
a son, 2020
Steven ('14) and Stephanie
McDonough, a daughter, 2020
Paul ('12) and Victoria (Cooper '12) 
Otruba, a son, 2020
Luke ('15) and Emily Barry,
a daughter, 2020
Lindsey (Davis '13and Joshua Moris,
a son, 2020
Joseph ('10) and Kira Holguin,
a daughter, 2020
Luke ('10) and Chelsey Anderson,
a son, 2020
Sam ('16) and Shannon Koenig, 
a daughter, 2020
Jessica (Schuck '10and Jon Clifton, 
a son, 2020