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Young Alumni Testimonials

As a young alum, why are you interested in being engaged with Loras College?

"My Loras College experience has influenced what I do for a living, who my closest friends are, and what I value. I am thankful for how Loras shaped me into the person I am today, and I want to stay connected with the College." - Theresa Deutsch ('05)

"I would like to help raise awareness about how proactive and professional Loras College alumni are. This should help give more Loras alumni opportunities to succeed professionally and ultimately give back to Loras." - Ryan J. Kruse ('09)

Why, as a young alum, have you chosen to "give back" to Loras financially?

"There is always a sense of satisfaction that comes from giving back.  I expect to have that feeling and then some since I will be helping something so important to me.  I look forward keeping in contact with fellow Loras alum and developing those relationships." - Justin Vorwald ('07)

"I feel as though many staff and faculty went out of their way to make sure I had a fulfilling college experience - I feel indebted to Loras and want to give back." - Erin White ('01)

Why did you choose to get involved with the Young Alumni Advisory Board?

"I'd like to become a resource for current students and graduates looking to get involved/employed, etc., in the Dubuque community. I would like to help organize local service projects and help make Loras alumni more visible in the Dubuque community." - Maddy Cross ('08)

"I want to reach out and become more involved with Alumni Relations and to build a connection with the current students. I am also very thankful for everything Loras provided me during my time as a student." - Darius Payvandi ('04)

"I had a wonderful four years at Loras.  It gave me the opportunity to be engaged in a variety of activities with great people.  I want to continue that experience into my post-Loras years.  Along the way, I hope to be able to improve current students’ experiences.  - Justin Vorwald ('07)

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