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Loras Student Alumni Council – Fact Sheet


In collaboration with the Loras College Advancement office, the Loras Student Alumni Council provides opportunities to connect with alumni and educate fellow students about building a lifelong connection to Loras College. Through event-planning, networking, fundraising, community service, mentoring, and job-shadowing, members of the Loras Student Alumni Council will serve as ambassadors for the College and enhance the relations and communication between alumni, donors, and the Loras College campus community.


In collaboration with the Loras College Advancement Office, members of the Loras Student Alumni Council will:

  1. Strengthen communication and increase networking opportunities between Loras College students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  2. Promote philanthropy among alumni and the Loras campus community.
  3. Help educate students and alumni about the needs and priorities of the College.
  4. Serve as a spokesperson and/or ambassador for the College.
  5. Enhance awareness of and appreciation for Loras College’s history and tradition among alumni and the student body.
  6. Help foster a sense of pride within the Loras College community.

Membership Requirements:

  1. Members are nominated by faculty and staff, invited by President Collins to apply, and are selected through an application and interview process.
  2. Members must be Loras College students who are currently enrolled and in good standing (GPA: 3.0 or above).
  3. Members are responsible for actively participating in the Council and attending all meetings, unless their absence is excused by the council advisor prior to the meeting.  If members are ill or must miss a meeting due to course requirements or an athletic event, they must notify the advisor of their absence at least one day prior to the council meeting.
  4. Members must complete a minimum of 10 service hours per semester. 50% of travel time counts toward service.
  5. Members are expected to donate to the Loras Fund.
  6. Members will be required to sign a confidentiality statement in which they pledge to maintain the highest level of confidentiality with regard to alumni and donor information.
  7. Members will be required to sign a Council Member Agreement form in which they agree to uphold the membership requirements of the Council.
  8. Membership is renewable annually upon written request.


  1. Network with alumni and donors of the College.
  2. Develop and enhance leadership skills.
  3. Get to know fellow students better.
  4. Gain a greater understanding of the college, its history, faculty, staff, and administration.
  5. Build your resume: Community Service, Teamwork, Fundraising, Public Speaking, Community Organizing, and more.
  6. Make a difference at Loras College.

Examples of Council Member Involvement:

  1. Attend alumni events and/or board meetings in various market areas, including Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Rockford, Chicago, La Crosse, Des Moines, and Dubuque; give welcome speech and/or highlight talking points; and network with alumni.
  2. Call alumni to remind them of upcoming alumni events, encourage them to RSVP to events, thank them for their donation of time and/or money, and congratulate them for accomplishments they have achieved.
  3. Plan or volunteer at Homecoming, Graduation, Convocation, Christmas Events, Honors, Banquets, Scholarship Luncheons, and other alumni events.
  4. Help support student philanthropy initiatives, such as the senior class gift, the Loras Fund, and campus fundraising. 
  5. Organize and participate in a Thank-a-thon, an event in which students can write letters and/or make phone calls to donors to thank them for their generosity and engagement.
  6. Participate in various aspects of development, such as visiting a donor with a development officer.

Fall 2012 Schedule:

            October 16 – Application Deadline

            October 17-31 – Applicant Interviews

            November 1 – Applicants notified of their selection to the Council

            November 12 – First Council meeting for new members

Click Here: Loras Student Alumni Council Application

After you submit your application, you will be interviewed briefly by Justine Rabbett, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, and current council members. The purpose of the interview is for Justine to determine your strengths and interests and learn more about you. We look forward to receiving your application!