Student Application

Thank you for your interest in the Loras Future Alumni Network. 


  • Members must be Loras College students who are currently enrolled and in good academic standing.
  • Members are responsible for actively participating in the Network and attending all meetings, unless their absence is excused by the Network advisor prior to the meeting. If members are ill or must miss a meeting due to course requirements or an athletic event, they must notify the advisor of their absence at least one day prior to the Network meeting.
  • Members will help advance the mission of the College and will attend Alumni-related events when asked. 
  • Members will help advance the Loras Fund through student philanthropy and are encouraged to donate to the Loras Fund.
  • Members will be required to sign a confidentiality statement in which they pledge to maintain the highest level of confidentiality with regard to alumni and donor information.
  • Members will be also be required to sign a Network Member Agreement form in which they agree to uphold the membership requirements of the Network.

To learn more about LFAN click here.

Questions should be addressed to:

Rachel Moser ('17)
Loras College Box #35

Preston Kauder ('19)
Loras College Box #60

Loras Future Alumni Network Application
Below is a brief application for students interested in joining the Loras Future Alumni Network. By submitting this application, you are allowing the Advancement Office to access to your grade point average so that it may be considered in the final selection.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Name
2 * Loras Email
3 * Student ID #
4 * Classification
5 * Anticipated Graduation Year
6 * Major(s)/Minor(s)
7 * Why did you choose Loras College?
8 * What extracurricular activities do you want to be involved in?
9 * What other time commitments do you have?
10 * Please write a short description of what makes you a valuable addition to LFAN. Include any of your unique strengths, gifts, or connections. Also include what you are looking to gain from your experience as a member of the Loras Future Alumni Network.
11 * By checking this box, I hereby authorize Loras College Alumni Office to review and discuss my application, including academic, extracurricular activities and disciplines that are maintained by Loras College or submitted by me.