Prayer seeking the intercession of St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Loras College:

To you, O blessed Joseph, we have recourse, and with hearts filled with confidence, earnestly ask you to take us under your protection. We humbly pray that you will look with gracious eye upon that inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased with His blood and support our need by your power and strength. Defend, most watchful guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus Christ. Shield us under your patronage that, imitating your example, and strengthened by your help, we may live a holy life, die a happy death and attain to everlasting happiness in Heaven. Amen.

We remember those who have passed and lift them and their familes in prayer.










Timothy J. Kelly ('49)

Daniel W. Schmit ('51)

Kevin R. Kassner ('61)

Arthur W. Bonifazi ('44)

Edward B. Pfeffer ('52)

William J. Hrapchak ('65)

Raymond P. Weis ('48)

Robert H. Cody ('50)

Joseph J. Meyer ('62)

Herbert L. Tegeler ('49)

James I. Duff ('57)

Norman G. Jambois ('60)


John P. Ptacek ('51)

Gregory J. Grieco ('64)


John B. Brunkhorst ('51)

Federico Barrionuevo ('62)


Edward Mullen ('58)

Consilia Schoenherr ('67) 


Leo M. Biehl ('52)

Marvin C. Salz ('60) 



James R. Kennedy ('56)


Samuel J. Andreano ('60)



Edward J. Walsh ('57)


Stephen R. Waters ('65)



Bernard J. Parrington ('55)


James A. Grutz ('63)



Carl B. Trutter ('55)


George F. Chapman ('63)



John A. Watts ('58)


Richard L. Schaefer ('64)



Robert M. Monti ('57)


Douglas J. Shinkunas ('69)



John J. Milks ('56)


Terrence A. Smith ('66)



John E. Walker ('50)


William L. Haag ('61)



Francis S. Conway ('54)


Thomas P. Farrell ('61)



John E. Pritz ('50)


Joseph P. Fagan ('62)



Robert G. Pommerich ('59)


Richard P. TeKippe ('61)



Paul F. Ortscheid ('50)












1990's   2000's

John S. Kintzinger ('70)

Mary (Julie) Westercamp ('81)

Jeremy J. Theisen ('97)

Jason P. Gantz ('11)

Glen W. Ehlinger ('74)

Jane E. Heiar ('88)


Kelli A. Horch ('05)
Gary L. Jebsen ('76)      
Ken J. Schaefer ('70)    


James A. Vandenberg ('73)        


Edward L. Biondi ('74)        


Andrea M. Zelenak ('71)        


Joseph L. Hauer ('73)        



Friends of Loras

Sharon A. Cate

Mary A. Maerschalk

Mary F. Lakeman


Mary C. Collins

Mary Stangl

Carol A. Sitzmann


Jean Dunne 

James H. Schiltz

Sue E. Kraus


Donald H. Gagne

Robert J. Thillman

Samuel J. Parkin


Ewald G. Gerken

Florian W. Winter

Gary J. Lakeman


Mary L. Jacobi

Loras J. Schrobilgen

Jerome F. Roling


Susan E. Jennings

Thomas H. Martens

Suzanne M. Thul


Dona D. Lansing

Lucille M. Schmalz

Rita F. Bemis 


Keith A. Linden

Gregory J. Tilkes

Irene M. Blaser 


Kathleen Mcdonnell

Katie Roman

James Streinz 


Rosemary D. McGovern

Robert A. Holtz

Mary M. Sullivan


Kyle M. Murray

Glenann M. Schultz

Mary P. Finnegan


Nancy M. Roe

Richard L. Cogan

Marilyn Milks


Daniel H. Smith

Joanne R. Dardis

Martha M. Smith


Daniel J. Sullivan

David C. Nader

Marie Ambrosy 


Mary A. Zepeski

Suzanne Andreano

Jeanne C. Mueller 


Helen E. Conway

Jean McKay

Calista P. Hammes


Ann W. Straub

Helen M. Kuenster

Mildred M. Tressel


Loras A. Jarding

Shelby J. Weber

Dawn M. Wismeier


Marvin Solomon

Lawrence L. Timmerman